Sunday, June 30, 2013

30 Juni 2013

Ibadah Gabungan
Sesi 1
Coach : Savitri
WL : Fenny & Junita
Ice Breaker & Games : Kasey, Junita, Tasya

Sesi 2
Coach : Iwan
WL : Yosi
Ice Breaker & Games : Adeline, Dedy, Agus

God will take care of my problems

1. Hook:  
  • Ever thought you had such a big problem you couldn’t solve? Maybe someone is giving you a hard time in school eg your classmate made fun of  you or your teacher said something that made you  sad or angry. Or maybe it’s something that happened at home.
  • You feel that there is nothing you can do. You don’t even know what to do. 
  • But do you know that there’s nothing too difficult for God. He knows the problem you have and He is with you. He loves you and He will take care of you. 

2. Story: (Based on Joshua 6)
  • God told Joshua  that He will give him and the Israelites the Promised Land. God promised that He will be with Joshua and Joshua will be succeed in taking over the land.
  • The first city that Joshua was to conquer was Jericho. Now the king of Jericho and his people knew that the Israelites were coming to take over their city. So they made sure that the gates of the city were safely locked. No one was allowed to go out and no one was allowed to come in to the city.
  • In those days, do you know what weapons they use to fight their enemies with? (Response) They didn’t have planes, bombs or tanks. They used spears, bows, arrows, spears to fight and shields to protect themselves. So people who wanted to protect themselves built high walls, with guards and gates at the door or the city, the only place where you could enter or get out of the city. Near the top of the walls, they have special platforms built for the soldiers stand and keep guard and if the soldiers see people coming to attack them, they could shoot them with arrows or throw big rocks on them.
  • Was it tough to attack Jericho? Yes, but God knew that. He knew Joshua’s problem. God told Joshua what to do.
  • God told Joshua? “I have given Jericho, itsking and people to you. March around the city once with all your fighting men. Have seven priests carrying trumpets march in front with the ark. Do this for six days”.
  • How many times round the city? One time. How many days? Six days.
  • “Then on the seventh day, march around the city seven times. Get the priests to blow the trumpets. When you hear them sound a long blast on the trumpets, have the whole army give a loud shout; then the wall of the city will fall down and everyone of you will go straight in to Jericho.”
  • What a funny thing to do. Wouldn’t all these big strong grown-up men look really silly walking around the city for six days? Wouldn’t the people in Jericho laugh at the funny sight?
  • But Joshua and the people trusted God. Joshua told them, “Be very, very quiet. Don’t say a word. March silently!”
  • Let’s try it out and see if we can do that too. (Get kids to stand up and march on the spot as quietly as they can) Very good. Now sit down quietly also. 
  • So the seven priests with their seven trumpets, and all the fighting men, marched round and round the city, one round for six days. 1-2-3-4-5-6! Good!
  • Then on the seventh day,  how many times were they supposed to go round the city? (Seven!) Right! 1-2-3-4-5-6-7!
  • Once they completed the seventh round, the priests sounded the trumpet! Let’s sound the trumpet! (Get kids to put hands in front of their mouths and make sound like trumpets)
  • Then Joshua commanded the army, “Shout! For the Lord has given you the city!”  (Get kids to shout, “Shout!”) 
  • When the trumpets sounded and the army shouted, do you know what happened next? The walls of the city came crumbling down! The great big thick, high wall just came down like a sandcastle in the sea! 
  • And the Israelites ran in and conquered the city. The only ones who survived was Rahab and her family — all who were in her house, because she trusted God and hid the spies.
  • God is so powerful that He is able to make the city walls of Jericho fall down.  So you see, no problem is too big for God. No matter how big your problem is, God is bigger than your problem. He is able to help you. No matter how difficult things are, Jesus is with you as He promised- He will always be with you and will never leave you. 

3. Activity suggestions: 

  • Bedsheet wall 
    • Get a bedsheet. Have some children stand holding the bedsheet in front of them, as though they are encompassed by a wall. Get the other children to march around them. Some can be fighting men. Some can be priests. At your cue, get the kids to say, “Shout!” Then the ones holding the bedsheet can drop the bedsheet and squat down.
  • Blow down the Wall 
    • Materials: Uno Stacko, low table
    • Get kids to build a wall using Uno Stacko 
    • Then each kid gets a chance to try to blow down the wall
    • Those who succeed get a prize
  • Memory Verse:  “For nothing is impossible with God.”  (Luke 1:37)
  • Reinforcement: “God will take care of my problems.” 

Sunday, June 23, 2013

23 Juni 2013

Kelas Balita
Sesi 1 = Coach Susan
             (asst. Fenny)
 Sesi 2 = Coach Carrie.
             (asst. Jevelyn)

Kelas 1 - 3
Sesi 1 = Coach Susi Tjio
Sesi 2 = Coach Shevica (asst. Agus Siswanto)

Kelas 4 - 6
Sesi 1 = Coach Andy T.
Sesi 2 = Coach Lusiana


God fights the battle for me!

1. Hook:
  • Option 1: Ready, Get set, Go!
    • How many of you like to run? Who thinks they can run the fastest?
    • Imagine you have to take part in a race. It’s a big competition. All the best runners will be there. What do you do? 
    • You exercise every day. [get kids to do some stretching exercises, e.g. right hand over head and bend to the left, 1-2-3-4; the other side, 2-2-2-4; the other side, 3-2-3-4 etc] 
    • You train hard. [get kids to run on the spot for 10 seconds]
    • You build up your strength [get kids to show you their muscles. Biggest muscles or most creative pose wins prize?]
    • [get kids to sit down. Give everyone a clap] 

  • Option 2: Biggest, strongest, tallest
    • Get children into 2 or more groups.
    • Issue a challenge and each group has to send their best contender. Each kid can only come up once until all have had a chance to participate.
    • Examples of challenges: the longest hair, the biggest smile, the widest palm, the largest shoe etc.
    • To make it more exciting (esp for older kids), you can just give the adjective first. E.g. “I am looking for the ‘longest’ … ”. Team contenders come forward. Then only you reveal, “I am looking for the longest hair.”
    • The winning contender scores one point for his/her team. Team with most points wins.

  • Conclusion: 
    • Yes, when you take part in a competition or race, you want to be the strongest, fastest and the best.
    • But do you know, children, that sometimes God uses the weakest and the slowest to do His work? 
    • Why would God do that? Why doesn’t He choose the strongest, the fastest and the best?
    • Because when the weak and the slow win, everyone will know that it’s God who won it for them!
    • Today we will learn that God fights the battle for you and for me!
2. Story: (based on Joshua 5) 
  • Last week we learned about Joshua and the Israelites crossed a great big river. After they crossed, how many stones did they take out from the river? (12 stones) That’s right. 12 big stones to remind them about what God had done for them.
  • When the kings in the nearby lands heard about the Israelites crossing the Jordan, they were all very afraid! Do you think they dared to attack the Israelites? Of course not! They knew that the Israelites’ God was very, very powerful.
  • But the Israelites still had a big challenge ahead of them. They were going to enter the Promised Land. And they had to cross the big, tall walls of the city of Jericho. And they had to fight the giants in the land.
  • They should be very, very afraid. They should be exercising, They should be training hard. They should be building up their strength. 
  • But God had other plans.
  • God asked Joshua to circumcise the Israelites. What’s circumcise? Circumcise was to cut a part of the skin of the boys and men’s body.
  • God first told Abraham to circumcise all the men in his family as sign of His covenant with him. Every time they see the cut skin, they remember that they are God’s special people.
  • But because almost all of the Israelites had grown up in the desert for the past 40 years, they had not been circumcised yet. So God wanted them to be circumcised as a sign that they belonged to Him (that the shame of their past in Egypt is cut away from them.)
  • Circumcision can be quite painful! And the boys and men will take a few days to rest and recover.
  • Can you imagine, the whole army of Israel having to rest and recover for a week? They could not exercise. They could not train hard. They could not build up their strength. They could only lie down and rest.
  • But God wanted them to know that they did not have to fight this battle on their own strength. It was not because they were so clever or strong or good. But because God was so clever, and strong and good.
  • One day, as the men were resting, Joshua saw a man standing in front of him. He had a long drawn sword in his hand.  Who was that? The man answered, “I am the commander of the army of the Lord.” 
  • God sent the commander of his army to show the Israelites that He is the one fighting for them, so that they know that they are not alone and they don’t have to fight by themselves.
  • In fact, last time, God told Moses when the Egyptians were chasing the Israelites into the Red Sea, “The Lord will fight for you; you only need to be still.” (Exodus 14:14)
  • God was going to fight the battle for the Israelites. And God fights the battle for you and for me!   

3. Activity suggestions:

  • Memory Verse: Exodus 14:14 “God will fight for me; I only need to be still.” 

Sunday, June 16, 2013

16 Juni 2013

Kelas Balita
Sesi 1 = Coach Yosi
             (asst. Tasya)

 Sesi 2 = Coach Jemimah/Dewi K

             (asst. Jevelyn)

Kelas 1 - 3
Sesi 1 = Coach Lily Bun

Sesi 2 = Coach Iwan (Asst. Dedy)
Kelas 4 - 6
Sesi 1 = Coach Kezia
Sesi 2 = Coach Yungcien

Thank you God for all the great things you have done for me!

1. Hook:
  • Memory matching game

    • Prepare 12 rock-shaped cards. Behind the cards, print/draw 6 pairs of images; 2 of a kind.
    • Mix up the cards and paste the image-side onto the wall with blu tack.
    • Get kids to come one by one to choose a card and attempt to find its pair.
    • Once a match is made, the cards are removed.
    • Game continues until all 6 matches are made. 
    • Conclusion: All of you have good memory! God gave us the ability to remember things and events that happened and lessons we’ve learnt. Let’s learn about how He helped the Israelites to remember a very important lesson in their lives. 
  2. Story: (based on Joshua 4)
  • Last week we learned that Joshua and the Israelites crossed a great big river. Who can remember the name of the river? (Jordan).
  • Who went into the river first?(The priests, carrying the Ark of the Covenant)
  • What happened when they went into the river? (The water stopped flowing!)
  • After the whole nation of Israel had crossed the river, God told Joshua, “Choose 12 men — one from each tribe/family — to take a stone from the middle of the Jordan river, where the priest are standing.”
  • So Joshua chose the men. How many men? (12 men!) Right! 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12! The people of Israel came from 12 brothers. So there were 12 big families or tribes that made up the nation of Israel. 1 man from each tribe.
  • So the 12 men went to pick up a stone each from the river and put it on his shoulder. How many stones? (12 stones!) 
  • The stones were a sign (like a photograph or a souvenir) for the people of Israel to remember what God had done for them — stopping the waters of the river of Jordan so that they could cross the river.
  • After the 12 men had taken the stones, God told Joshua to ask the priests to come up from the Jordan. 
  • The priests came out, carrying the Ark of the Covenant. And as soon as they stepped onto the side of the river, immediately all the waters of the Jordan came rushing in and filled it up fully again!
  • The Israelites went to camp at Gilgal, near the city of Jericho. The 12 stoners the men had taken out of the Jordan were placed in Gilgal. It was stacked up like a memorial.
  • Joshua told the people, “In the future, when your children and grandchildren and great grandchildren ask, ‘What do these stones mean?’, tell them  about how God dried up the Jordan rivers so that they could cross over on dry ground. God did this so that ALL the people of the earth, everybody, will know how powerful God is, and that you will always worship Him.”
  • Children, just as the Israelites set up the stones so they can remember all the great things God has done for them, we should also always give thanks to God for what He has done for us. Every day we can say, Thank you God for all the great things you have done for me!"
  • What are some of the things you can give thanks for? (get kids to share) 
  • Do you know: The most important thing God has done for us is given his son Jesus.  Jesus came to earth to live a perfect life and die on the cross to take the punishment for our sins.  This is the best thing God could have done for you and for me, so that we are no longer separated from Him by our sin.  We need to always remember how God gave us Jesus.
  • Every week when we take the communion — the bread and the cup — we are remembering what Jesus did on the cross of us. Every day when we wake up, when we see God’s beautiful creation, when we enjoy His blessings, we can say,Thank you God for all the great things you have done for me!" Amen!

3. Activity suggestions: 
  • Memory Verse: Everyone will know how powerful God is, and I will worship Him. Joshua 4:24
    He did this so that all the peoples of the earth might know that the hand of the Lord is powerful and so that you might always worship the Lord your God.  Joshua 4:24
  • Reinforcement: Thank you God for all the great things you have done for me!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

9 Juni 2013

Kelas Balita
Sesi 1 = Coach Junita
             (asst. Kasey & Fenny)

 Sesi 2 = Coach Carrie

             (asst. Adeline)

Kelas 1 - 3 
Sesi 1 = Coach Sianty

Sesi 2 = Coach Agus Rianto
Kelas 4 - 6
Sesi 1 = Coach Savitri
Sesi 2 = Coach Lusiana


God stopped the waters for the Israelites. God can do anything for me!

1. Hook:
  • Water pouring 
    • Bring a pitcher of water, a large bowl and a large towel.
    • Show how you will pour the water into the bowl. Just pour a trickle of water into the bowl. 
    • Then ask for volunteers to come try to stop the small trickle of water coming out of the pitcher. The children can try all kinds of ways of doing it, but it won’t be able to be done. 
    • Explain to the children that they could not stop even a trickle. But God is able to stop a whole river that was overflowing. That’s the amazing God we have!

2. Story (based on Joshua 3) 
  • Last week we learned about the 2 spies that went to spy out the Promised Land. They returned and told Joshua, “Yes, God has given us the land!”
  • So Joshua and the Israelites headed towards the Promised Land. They came to a river called Jordan. Everyone say, “Jordan”.
  • The Jordan River was a big river. And it was the harvest season, so the river was very, very full … and very, very deep.
  • How were the Israelites going to get across now? 
  • This time there was no panic. The people didn’t say, “Oh no! We’re stuck! Let’s go back now! 
  • Instead, Joshua told the people, “Be ready. For tomorrow the Lord will do something really amazing for you.” 
  • The Israelites had an ark called the Ark of the Covenant. It was a very beautiful box, covered in gold. Inside it were the 2 pieces of stone with the 10 commandments, the staff of Aaron (Moses’ brother) and some pieces of manna (the special bread that God gave them in the desert).  The ark represents God’s presence — where God was.
  • Joshua asked the priests took the Ark to the front of the people.
  • Then God told Joshua, “Today I will honor you in the sight of the Israelites so that they may know that I am with you as I was with Moses.”
  • God added, “Tell the priests who carry the Ark of the Covenant to go and stand in the river.” 
  • Go stand in the river? With the fast-flowing waters that run so deep? Did God want the priests to be drowned?
  • But Joshua and the people trusted God … they believed in His promises and that He will take care of them.
  • So when the priests reached Jordan River, they stepped into the water in faith. (It takes a lot of faith to step into an overflowing river!)
  • And as soon as their feet touched the water, suddenly the waters up north stopped flowing. And the water downstream stopped too. The waters piled up in a heap, like a big wall, a distance away, leaving the ground completely dry!
  • It was amazing!
  • So the people crossed over the Jordan to the other side on dry ground. The priests carrying the ark stood in the middle of the Jordan until everyone — the entire nation of Israel — had completely crossed over safely.
  • God stopped the waters for the Israelites. God can do anything for me!
  • Is there something in your life that you think is too difficult for you? Is there anything impossible for you? Is there anything that you are afraid of? 
  • Look to Jesus. God stopped the waters for the Israelites. He can handle any of your problems — big or small — because He loves you! 

3. Activity Suggestions 
  • Memory Verse:  Joshua told the people, “Consecrate yourselves, for tomorrow the Lord will do amazing things among you.” Joshua 3:5 
  • Worksheets: 
  • Reinforcement: God stopped the waters for the Israelites. God can do anything for me!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

2 Juni 2013

Kelas Balita 
Sesi 1 = Coach Susan
             (asst. Felicia)

Sesi 2 = Coach Jevelyn
             (asst. Laila)


Kelas 1 - 3
Sesi 1 = Coach Eko H  
Sesi 2 = Coach Shevica (Agus Siswanto) 

Kelas 4 - 6 
Sesi 1 = Coach Swanky 
Sesi 2 = Coach Andy T.

God liked Rahab; God likes me too … always!

1. Lesson (based on Joshua 2): Rahab & the 2 Spies
  • Hook:
    • Have you ever felt that nobody liked you?
    • Maybe some other kids don’t like you because you are different — the clothes you wear, or the way you speak. Maybe they think you are weird. Maybe they tell their friends not to be your friend. Maybe they don’t want to share their toys with you or to play with you. Maybe it’s because you once did something wrong that made them unhappy.
    • It’s tough when you feel nobody likes you. It’s tough when you think you are not good enough. You can feel lonely, or sad, or angry. Sometimes we all feel this way.
    • But do you know that there’s Someone who likes you ALL the time. He doesn’t care about what you wear, or how your talk or what you’ve done. Even if you made other people really, really mad. He’s there for you. And He loves you always.
    • What’s His name? Jesus!

  • Story:
    • Once upon a time, there was a woman called Rahab. She lived in a town called Jericho. People in the town did not like her very much. Because she did things that were not very good.
    • One day, she met two men. They were Israelites from the desert. They wanted to find out some information about Jericho. They were spies.
    • Rahab let them into her house as it was night time and getting dark.
    • However, the king of Jericho heard that there were two spies in Rahab’s house. So he sent men to find them.
    • The king’s men came to Rahab’s house and demanded that she bring the spies out.
    • But Rahab took the spies to the rooftop and hid them under some stalks of flax, a type of long-stemmed plant.
    • She told the king’s men, “Some men came to my house. I don’t know where they were from. But they left in the evening before the city gate was closed.”
    • So the king’s men quickly headed off to look for the spies.
    • After they left, Rahab went to the spies and said, “I know that God has given you this land. Everyone here is afraid because we’ve all heard what God has done for you — drying up the Red Sea, winning battles. Your God is the real God!”
    • Then Rahab made a bargain with the spies. “Just as I have protected you, promise me that you will save me and my family when you take over this city — don’t let us be killed.”
    • The spies agreed. “If you don’t tell anyone what we have been doing, we promise you that when the Lord gives u this land, we will treat you well.”
    • The city gates were closed, and the guards were looking for the spies. So Rahab let the men out of her window with a long red rope. It was a bit like Rapunzel and her long hair. The spies had to climb down the long red rope.
    • Then the spies told Rahab: “When we come back, tie this red rope at your window. Get all your family members together in your house. And we promise you that you will all be safe.”
    • And the spies returned to Joshua and told him, “We are sure that the Lord has given us the whole country. All the people there are terrified of us.”
    • Later on, the spies did return, and Joshua and the Israelites did take over Jericho. And as promised, Rahab and her family were all saved!
    • Even though people in the town may not have liked Rahab because of her life and her past, but God still used her to help the Israelites. God still saved her and her family.
    • And more than that, God brought her into His own special people, and she lived together with the Israelites. And do you know something special? Rahab is one of Jesus’ great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great … grandmother!
    • So no matter how you feel today, know that if “God likes Rahab, God likes me too … always.”

2. Activity suggestions:
  • Memory Verse:  “The Lord has surely given the whole land into our hands.”  (Joshua 2:24)
  • Reinforcement: “God likes Rahab, God likes me too … always.”