Sunday, October 27, 2019

27 October 2019

Toddler Class

Coach Ochie
(Asst. Oling)

Primary Class 1-3

Coach Dewi
(Asst. Grace & Leesia)

Primary Class 4-6
Coach Shawn & Joel



GAME: Guess Who

Prepare some descriptions of occupations, e.g. doctor, teacher, contractor etc.

E.g. I help sick people get better. I prescribe medicine. I usually wear a white coat. Who am I? Get the kids to guess the occupation.


GAME: Describe Myself

Hand out small pieces of paper and get each kid to describe him/herself without putting their name. E.g. I am 8 years old. I like to play Pokemon Go. I attend BJJ class after church service.

The teacher reads out the description, and the other kids get to guess who the person is.


Peter Declares That Jesus Is the Messiah

Mark 8:27-30

Jesus and his disciples went on to the villages around Caesarea Philippi. On the way he asked them,

“Who do people say I am?”

28 They replied, “Some say John the Baptist; others say Elijah; and still others, one of the prophets.”

29 “But what about you?” he asked. “Who do you say I am?”

Peter answered, “You are the Messiah.”

30 Jesus warned them not to tell anyone about him.

The Transfiguration

Mark 9:2-10

2 After six days Jesus took Peter, James and John with him and led them up a high mountain, where they were all alone. There he was transfigured before them. 3 His clothes became dazzling white, whiter than anyone in the world could bleach them. 4 And there appeared before them Elijah and Moses, who were talking with Jesus.

5 Peter said to Jesus, “Rabbi, it is good for us to be here. Let us put up three shelters—one for you, one for Moses and one for Elijah.” 6 (He did not know what to say, they were so frightened.)

7 Then a cloud appeared and covered them, and a voice came from the cloud: “This is my Son, whom I love. Listen to him!”

8 Suddenly, when they looked around, they no longer saw anyone with them except Jesus.

9 As they were coming down the mountain, Jesus gave them orders not to tell anyone what they had seen until the Son of Man had risen from the dead. 10 They kept the matter to themselves, discussing what “rising from the dead” meant.


Jesus the Messiah

Jesus had been going around performing many miracles. He healed the sick. He fed the thousands. He delivered people from demon possession.

Many people had their own ideas about who He was. Was he a prophet like John the Baptist? Or Elijah?

Earlier, some people had hoped Jesus would be the one who would overthrow the Roman Empire and be their king.

But they all didn’t know who He really was or what He was sent to do.

But the Holy Spirit revealed the truth to Peter.

When Jesus asked Peter, “Who do you say I am?”

Peter answered, “You are the Messiah.”

Messiah means Saviour. Jesus was sent to the world so that He would suffer all the punishments and the death that we deserved. And He would rise from the dead after three days. And through His death and resurrection, He would save the world from sin and punishment.

Jesus is the Messiah of the World.

Jesus is God’s Beloved Son

Jesus and His disciples went up to a high mountain. And there, He was transformed into a dazzling white being, together with Elijah and Moses.

And God spoke through a cloud. “This is my Son, whom I love. Listen to him!”

This is the second time when God spoke these words. The first time was when Jesus had just been baptised and was coming out from the Jordan river. The heavens opened, the dove came down, and God’s voice was heard.

In both instances, God wanted to tell those around that Jesus was His beloved Son whom He sent to earth to save the world.

Do you know that because of Jesus coming to save the world, you and I can become God’s beloved children?

Who do you say Jesus is?

We all may have heard of Jesus or read many things about Him.

People outside have their own different opinions about Jesus.

Some think He is a myth/fake. Some think He is just a good man. Some say a teacher. Some say a prophet. Some think He is crazy.

But today, Jesus is asking you and me the same important question. “Who do you say I am?”

Do you really know who Jesus is?

Let me share with you my Jesus story — how I came to know who Jesus is and who He is to me.

Highlight when Jesus became real in your own life and what His salvation means to you. Make sure to keep it age-appropriate.

Who do you say Jesus is?

If you would like to accept Jesus into your life as your Saviour/Messiah, pray along with me.

Thank you Jesus that You came down to suffer my punishment and die for me. Because of you, I can become a beloved child of God. I want You to be my Messiah. I want to be in God’s family. I receive You into my heart today. Thank you for loving us always. In Your name, I pray Amen.



Prepare some paper and pencils. Get the kids to write out their Jesus Story — Who Jesus is to them, and What He has done for them. Get the kids to share their story with each other. Close in prayer.


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Sunday, October 20, 2019

20 October 2019

Toddler Class
Coach Carrie
Asst. Adeline

Primary Class 1-3

Coach Lily Bun
(Asst. Trista)

Primary Class 4-6
Coach Swanky



GAME: Silent Hunt
Choose two children. One partner is the Searcher and the other is the Friend.

Ask the Searcher to close their eyes or leave the room, while the Friend hides a piece of candy or object.

After hiding the candy/object, the Friend stand in the middle of the room.

Without speaking or moving from the spot, the Friend has to direct the Searcher to the hidden candy/object.

GAME: Blindfold Hunt
Similar as above except that the Searcher is blindfolded, and the Friend can only direct using voice commands.


Jesus Heals a Deaf and Mute Man

Mark 7:31-37 Then Jesus left the vicinity of Tyre and went through Sidon, down to the Sea of Galilee and into the region of the Decapolis. 32 There some people brought to him a man who was deaf and could hardly talk, and they begged Jesus to place his hand on him.

33 After he took him aside, away from the crowd, Jesus put his fingers into the man’s ears. Then he spit and touched the man’s tongue. 34 He looked up to heaven and with a deep sigh said to him,

“Ephphatha!” (which means “Be opened!”). 35 At this, the man’s ears were opened, his tongue was loosened and he began to speak plainly.

36 Jesus commanded them not to tell anyone. But the more he did so, the more they kept talking about it. 37 People were overwhelmed with amazement. “He has done everything well,” they said. “He even makes the deaf hear and the mute speak.”

Jesus Heals a Blind Man at Bethsaida

Mark 8:22-25 They came to Bethsaida, and some people brought a blind man and begged Jesus to touch him. 23 He took the blind man by the hand and led him outside the village. When he had spit on the man’s eyes and put his hands on him, Jesus asked, “Do you see anything?”

24 He looked up and said, “I see people; they look like trees walking around.”

25 Once more Jesus put his hands on the man’s eyes. Then his eyes were opened, his sight was restored, and he saw everything clearly. 26 Jesus sent him home, saying, “Don’t even go into the village.”


We can be friends who bring people to Jesus

For the deaf/mute man and the blind man, it was their friends who brought them to Jesus. In this world, there are many people who need to meet Jesus.

They may be physically ill.

But they may also be deaf or blind to God’s love for them.

We can be the friends who bring them to receive a touch from Jesus.

Jesus heals in different ways

Jesus doesn’t heal in one set way, or through a series of magic phrases.

For the deaf/mute man, He put his fingers in his ears and spat and touched his tongue. For the blind man, Jesus spat on the man’s eyes and put his hands on them.

Each time, it’s based on what the Holy Spirit leads Him to do.

Our only action is to come to Him and receive from Him, not to follow a set formula to receive His healing.

Whatever way He uses, it is good. As the people said, “He has done everything well.”


Let us allow Jesus to open our ears, eyes and hearts

We may not blind or mute or deaf. But we all need Jesus.

And to receive from Him and be blessed, let’s allow Him to touch us and open our ears, eyes and hearts.

And with our mouths, we can praise and give thanks to Jesus. If you would like to receive Jesus, let’s pray together now.



Get the kids into small groups to share prayer items (healing or otherwise) and pray for each other.

GAME: Memory Verse Balloon Pass or Thanksgiving Balloon Pass

“He has done everything well,” they said. “He even makes the deaf hear and the mute speak.” Mark 7:37

Prepare an inflated balloon. Children stand in a large circle. They take turns to throw the balloon to each other. The person who receives the balloon has to say a word of the memory verse (Mark 7:37) until the verse is complete.

Alternative: Children take turns to say something they are thankful to God for when they receive the balloon.

Sunday, October 13, 2019

13 October 2019

Toddler Class
Coach Susan 
Asst. Ruth & Tesa

Primary Class 1-3
Coach Angelina
Coach Samantha
(Asst. Darrly)

Primary Class 4-6
Coach Daniel
(Asst. Lawrys & Nicho)



Pick up the Crumbs

Scatter bread crumbs (small pieces of bread) around the class.
Divide class into 2 relay groups.

Each relay group sends one person out to collect a crumb and put into a container. At the end of 1 minute, the group with the most crumbs wins.



Long time ago, God called Abraham out to be the father of God’s special people. Remember God’s promise? That Abraham will have so many descendants, like the stars in the skies and the sands on the earth.

These special people were called Jews. And they were called to follow God’s laws and be separate from all the other people in the lands who do not follow the same God.

So Jews do not normally mix with non-Jews (called Gentiles). Some Jews call the Gentiles “dogs”.

Jesus was a descendant of Abraham. He was a Jew. God sent Him as a Jew to show the Jews the way back to God.

When Jesus came to earth, he came to preach and teach first to the Jews. That does not mean that He didn't love the other people of the world, but the first priority in his ministry on earth was to bring God's chosen ones to repentance.

Do you know you and I are not Jews? We are also Gentiles.


One day, Jesus went to an area called Tyre.

Tyre is an area where many Gentiles (non-Jews).

Jesus entered a house and did not want anyone to know it. However, he could not keep his presence secret.

There was a Greek woman (non-Jew) who heard about him.

This woman had a little daughter who was possessed by an impure spirit.

She was desperate for the daughter to be healed.

She came to the house and fell at Jesus’ feet, begging Jesus to drive the demon out of her daughter.

But Jesus was sent to the Jews. And this woman was a Gentile.

Jesus explained to the woman that his first mission on earth was to preach to the people of Israel.

“First let the children eat all they want,” he told her, “for it is not right to take the children’s bread and toss it to the dogs.”

The woman could have been insulted at Jesus’ answer, but she wasn’t. She knew she did not qualify for healing, but she knew Jesus could heal.

She told Jesus, "Lord, that's true, but even dogs get the crumbs that fall from their owner's table."

Jesus was so touched by the faith of that woman that He told her, “For such a reply, you may go; the demon has left your daughter.”

The woman went home and found her child lying on the bed, and the demon gone.

Immediately, the girl stood up and began to walk around.


The woman had faith in Jesus

The woman knew she was not qualified.

She was a Gentile (not a Jew).

She was a woman (women were not considered high ranking in Jewish society).

She had a demon-possessed daughter.

On her own, she did not deserve Jesus’ healing.

But she knew Jesus’ heart, and she knew Jesus could heal. Even just a little crumb of His healing was enough for her. So she was not ashamed to ask His help.

Jesus saw her faith, and Jesus healed her daughter.

Jesus is our Broken Bread

Jesus has said that He is the Bread of Life. (John 6:35)

The crumbs that fall from the table to the floor is a picture of Jesus dying on the cross for us.

His body was broken and crushed for our healing.

Although the Gentile woman didn’t understand it then, what she said was prophetic — Jesus would die on the cross, and His body would be broken, so that even the “dogs” (which means all of us who are not Jews) can eat of it and receive His life.

Jesus seats us at His table

Because of Jesus, we can now become children of God. There is no more division between Jews and Gentiles — we are all one family.

And Jesus prepares a table for us to feast with Him (Psalm 23:5). We don’t have to gather the crumbs under the table. We can come boldly to ask Him for whatever we need, and receive it, because Jesus paid for it on the cross.



Because Jesus came to die for us, we are now part of God’s family. We can receive Jesus’ life and He will hear our prayers.

Get the kids into small groups to share prayer items and pray for each other.

Let’s pray: Thank you Jesus that even though we don’t deserve it, You came to die for us and to make us your children. Thank you for making us part of your family and hearing our prayers to you. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Sunday, October 6, 2019

06 October 2019

Toddler Class
Coach Carrie
Asst. Laila

Primary Class 1-3
Coach Iwan
(Asst. Shevica)

Primary Class 4-6
Coach Savitri



Float vs Sink

Put the bucket of water on the table. Prepare several different items that can either float or sink in water.

As each item is put into the bucket of water, ask the children whether it will float or sink. Have the children take turns putting the items into the water to see if they will float. Ask them if we can float on the water (on our backs?)

What about walking on water? Can we do it? Why or why not?

Today we are going to read about the time when Jesus walked on water.


Jesus Walks on the Sea

45 Immediately Jesus made his disciples get into the boat and go on ahead of him to Bethsaida, while he dismissed the crowd. 46 After leaving them, he went up on a mountainside to pray.

47 Later that night, the boat was in the middle of the lake, and he was alone on land. 48 He saw the disciples straining at the oars, because the wind was against them.

Shortly before dawn he went out to them, walking on the lake. He was about to pass by them, 49 but when they saw him walking on the lake, they thought he was a ghost. They cried out, 50 because they all saw him and were terrified.

Immediately he spoke to them and said, “Take courage! It is I. Don’t be afraid.”

51 Then he climbed into the boat with them, and the wind died down. They were completely amazed, 52 for they had not understood about the loaves; their hearts were hardened.


Jesus is always near

“He saw the disciples straining at the oars, because the wind was against them.”

It was dark, but Jesus was able to look out at the sea and see the disciples rowing their boat.

Just as the disciples were not out of Jesus’ sight, we are also never out of His sight.

Jesus is always near

“Shortly before dawn he went out to them, walking on the lake.”

Jesus and the disciples were separated by land and sea. But it was not too far for Jesus. He just walked on the water to them.

Jesus is the one who made the heavens and the oceans. He stills the wind and the waves. We are never out of His reach.

Jesus always cares

“Take courage! It is I. Don’t be afraid.”

When the disciples were in the storm, they might have thought that Jesus had forgotten about them. The last time, Jesus was sleeping in the boat. Now He wasn’t even in the boat. But Jesus didn’t forget.

He went to them and reassured them and told them not to be afraid.

When we are in a tough spot, we have to trust that Jesus loves and cares for us, even when we may not see Him working immediately the way we expect Him to.

We are NEVER out of Jesus’ sight, reach and care.



Get the kids into small groups. Ask them to share their needs and pray with them, reminding them that Jesus is always near, and Jesus cares for them.


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