Sunday, May 1, 2016

01 May 2016

Toddler Class
Coach Susan
Asst. 1 : Jessi
Asst. 2 : Felianti

Primary Class 1-3
Coach Susi Tjio
(Asst. Felicia)

Primary Class 4-6
Coach Swanky
(Asst. Kent)

Moses: Saved for a Purpose



God promised to make Abraham’s descendants a great nation.
He sent Joseph to Egypt so he could prepare for the famine.
He brought 70 of Jacob’s family to Egypt to save them from the famine.
Even though the Pharaoh tried to oppress and kill the Israelites, it didn’t stop them from multiplying and growing into a great nation.

God saved Moses to accomplish His purposes
Despite Pharaoh’s order to kill all Israelites’ baby boys, God saved Moses in a miraculous way — allowing his own mother to take care of him and letting him be adopted into the princess’ family!
Do you know …
When Jesus was born, King Herod ordered all baby boys to be killed too. King Herod heard that there was a prophecy that a new king would be born, and he was afraid so he tried to get rid of all boys below 2 years old.
But an angel appeared to Jesus’ father, Joseph, in a dream, telling him to bring Jesus and his mother to Egypt. So Jesus was brought to Jesus and hid there until it was safe to return. (Matthew 2:8-20)

It seemed like a hopeless and dark time — both when Moses and Jesus was born — but through the hopelessness and darkness, God was putting His plan in motion to raise up a someone special to deliver His people from slavery.
As we study the life of Moses in the book of Exodus, we see how it’s a picture (or foreshadow) of God’s bigger and greater plan of salvation through the life and death of Jesus, many thousands of years later.

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